Visual Effects in Retail

People depend on their perceptions to make judgments about everything and everyone around them. When someone is shopping, their visual senses are heightened and they are making many decisions based on what they see. This is why visual displays, product placement, advertising, and product packaging are all so important.

Take into consideration the time and money that is spent on developing logos and packaging. What people decide about the quality and value of your product depends on their perceptions of that package. Now, think about your retail boutique as a product that you want people to associate with value, quality, uniqueness, and something that they’ve got to have. Creating this image for them to see and judge with their eyes takes a lot of forethought.

Everything about your boutique influences what your customers think. Do they feel like your items are overpriced? It could be that your décor is not up to snuff in order to be in line with your pricing. Your store signage, garment racks, hanger quality, tag appeal, or even lighting may tell them to expect lower prices. When they see the price tag that is more than they expected, it will make them feel like they can’t trust their own instinct. This is the number one reason why people decide not to buy something.

Understanding what makes people not want to buy something is as important or more important than understanding what does make them want to buy. Think about it this way. If someone glances into your store, they’re not looking at your product packaging. They want to see if your store has something that appeals to them. The visual impact of your store in its entirety is the very first thing that has to happen before someone will decide to come inside, browse around, consider buying something, and then make it all the way to the checkout with a product.

Make sure that your store communicates the theme of your products, the fact that the products are interesting, and that the visuals are representative of your prices. That way, when people do come in, they are actually part of your client base, they know what to consider spending, and their interest is held, leading them back further and further into the boutique.

Using slatwall and slatwall displays is a great way to quickly and easily get your visuals up where people can easily see them. You can create multiple focal points using mannequin forms and other slatwall accessories on the slatwall. Break up monotony by using slatwall mounted shelves, bars, rods, hooks, and other slatwall accessories that give your walls dimension and texture. Slatwall panels can be used in uniquely shaped areas, like around corners or on walls where the ceiling slants, to give you the maximum visual impact wherever a customer goes in your store.

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